The Userprofile extension

What would be the best extension to make? After playing around in the code and enjoying that very much, that is the question I asked myself. It would have to be something useful, an addition to the core and not too complicated to create. I've decided to create an extended userprofile.

Most CMS's have extensions for userprofiles. Community Builder for Joomla! has been around for ages, and it just makes sense to have the ability to add some info to your users. The extension consists of a table with field-types and a table with the values of the fields per user. I choose this setup to is will be possible to perform direct search actions on the userdata in the future. Storing the profile values in the json-data of the existing Pagekit user is possible, but would make that impossible.

The fieldtypes I use to create the profile are stand-alone plugin-like folders that control the displaying, editing, formatting and saving of the value. This way it is easy to add different types of fields later on, and maybe re-use them in another extension.

The only problem left is the displaying of the profile in the core user-page of Pagekit. The user-module needs to be changed to be able to display extra tabs from external components, as the Page and Widget modules are. But that is the beauty of Open Source! I've created a pull request to fix that, and the Pagekit team is very cooperative with this. Great stuff!

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