Frame it all together

With the similarities between the Userprofile and Formmaker components in mind, and the future extensions to come, I decided to create a Framework to handle those common cases. The main function will be to handle the field-types that are used by both extensions. They are a very flexible way to extend the functionality of the extensions.

The general field-types are used in both extensions, but types can be assigned to one or more specific extensions. It is also possible to add field-types to the extensions from within other modules in Pagekit. That makes it possible to add fields to the Userprofile extension that are managed in your own extension.

The framework also houses the common additions to the Vue framework from Pagekit. Mainly it is the addition of some fields and template to the Field-component that is embedded in Vue-form. Vue-form is one of the components that were build by the Pagekit team for Vue. The Field-component simplifies the creation of the settings pages in the admin pages. The actual formfields are rendered from just some input from the data.

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