Pagekit 1.0

Pagekit 1.0: The developers CMS

After almost 2 year of development something really beautiful has been created in Hamburg. A Sympfony based, modular CMS with a Material design UI. Made with the developer in mind. Pagekit has reached its first stable version!


Frame it all together

With the similarities between the Userprofile and Formmaker components in mind, and the future extensions to come, I decided to create a Framework to handle those common cases. The main function will be to handle the field-types that are used by both extensions. They are a very flexible way to extend the functionality of the extensions.


More to come...

So the Userprofile and Formmaker extensions are as good as done. But I have the feeling I'm far from done with Pagekit. The easy way of creating extensions encourages me to make some more. The possibilities are endless.


A little bit of design

I am a developer. Not a designer. In the last few years I have accepted that difference and removed Photoshop from my system. With that being said, I'm releasing a theme. Two even.



What is it that any website has? A contact form. And lots more, but let's focus on the contact form. Or a form to get a quote, sample, presentation, membership, whatever. With that in mind, and with the Userprofile fieldtypes made, I realized that a form creating extension is what was next.

Js php

Is this PHP or Javascript?

I've been playing around in the Pagekit CMS the last few weeks and I have learned so much in this period. I have always worked with the Joomla! CMS code and got used the the style of coding, the way code is loaded and executed. Now all that has changed. Pagekit is based on a completely different way of doing things, and I like it!


The Userprofile extension

What would be the best extension to make? After playing around in the code and enjoying that very much, that is the question I asked myself. It would have to be something useful, an addition to the core and not too complicated to create. I've decided to create an extended userprofile.